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Artist-Philosopher Statement

With a unique artistic voice and a playful and evocative exploration of planet Earth’s color palette, I strive to inspire humankind through inventive and experimental work. My art is a synthesis of my spirituality and my feelings. My inspiration comes from spiritual influences that are unseen but felt through my emotions. For example, the wire materials that I use in my Black is Beautiful sculptures, foster flexibility so that I am able to create different forms freely. Often times, I am reminded that we are all spirits having a human experience, which allows for us to relate to each other because of our commonalities. Each work begins with an emotion that is exemplified through every piece that I make.

The intent of my work is to give a positive emotional experience uplifting one’s spirit, relaying a sense of happiness and energy. Each piece is done when I feel complete within myself, and my own energetic gestures are reflected in each work as I define how “My Black is Beautiful.” Come and get to know me better by exploring my work. You will find peace within and throughout each piece. Explore my work by clicking on gallery.

Photo Credit: Aidah Rasheed

Personal Work: Welcome
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