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Rikiesha Metzger

Rikiesha Metzger is a community artist and sculptor working with themes related to race, identity and beauty. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Philosophy, Art Theory, and Art Aesthetics at IDVSA (Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts). Rikiesha received her M.A. in Community Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2009. Originally from Philadelphia, PA, she has traveled extensively, first as a military child, and more recently as an artist interested in experiencing and collaborating with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Participating in arts programs abroad has granted Rikiesha the opportunity to meet new people by using art as a universal language to communicate with others. 

Rikiesha has been exploring innovative approaches to exposing people to Black culture through the arts. Built upon a strong spiritual foundation, she desires to teach people how various forms of art can provide them with an outlet for self-expression through the beauty of self-reflection. Through community engagement, she has discovered the powerful influence art can bring about for positive change.

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